Sold, delivered and paid
immediately - faster than anyone else!

Instant, fast, safe and easy!

Crowd-sourced delivery service calls
for socially responsible gig economy

We are looking for professional couriers and taxi companies to work with us. Kindly reach out to [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you! Together we help all people and companies to get their ordered goods where and when they want them.

Send your parcels instantly and insured

In your city from 7.50

Deliveries are preferably made in the original packaging.
Without additional packaging and filling materials we can sustainably protect the environment

No basic fees and no minimum number of orders

Easy and fast online registration of your shipments

Possibility of direct connection to your online shop

Insurance options

Payment options

Become a part-time courier and earn money instantly

On foot, by car, tram, moped or whatever you're getting along with.

You have a courier company and would like to become a Preferred Partner and receive additional courier services or optimise your insurance solution?

Problems with shipping? Too many packages to send? Ship from Store!
annanow® delivers NOW!

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